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B2B Email Marketing

Welcome to EmailingIT.com promoting your products or services by email marketing can be very rewarding, make the connection and get your message accross. Contact thousands of potential customers every hour for very little expense, concentrate on impact and message and get your business in front of as many peole as you need to, sell your product or service in any town, city or country.

Managed Email Campaigns
Email Marketing Servers

We can do it all for you , simply tell us your target audience and what you want to say to them and we will design and send your campaign for you.

Managed Email Campaign

Email Servers for rent, all the required software is installed and ready, plus a full step by step guide is included helping you to get your first campaign sent.

Email Server rental

Why not target your local city and promote your business immediately to the people in your local area who should be your customers. Attract new local customers to your business.
targeted email marketing
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You log in to the server remotely, then use the software installed on the server to gather your target database, and send your emails, including a step by step guide enabling you to do it all.
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Business to Business Email Marketing is also one of the cheapest forms of direct marketing that you can do, we have many options that will be of assistance depnding on your techinical knowledge and ability, from bullet proof email servers, email marketing software, email marketing design right through to fully managed email marketing campaigns.

Please See some of our related services below...

Email Addresses
  Email Extractor Software
Email Extractor

The Business Email Extractor Software is often the best way to get an email database for low cost. By simply telling the software what type of business you want to target

Email Extractor Software

  Buying Email Databases
Email Extractor

Buying an email database can be quite costly if you want to target specific people or businesses, the success of your marketing will depend on the quality of the data you are looking to buy.

Buy an Email Database


Email Design
  Email Design Services
Email Extractor

Email Design is not as straight forward as most people think.
All HTML emails being sent will need to make an impact to get the attention of the person looking at it, we offer top quality email design

Email Design Service

  Email Hosting
email hosting

When using images in an email design they need to be located online so that when the email is opened. When you are sending mass email it is often best to locate your email files on a server that will stay online, regardless of usage or any issues with emailing large vloumes..

Email Hosting


Email Sending
  Email Server Rental
Email Sending Server

Sending large email campaigns can be problematic. Most ISP's dislike their customers sending large volumes of emails, which is why sending your emails from a remote server is the best way to get the job done properly.

Email Servers

  Email Sending Assistance
Assisted Email Sending

Sending larger volumes of emails can be technically challenging and requires a good level of computer knowledge and experience, which means some people will not even attempt it, we offer the support you will need to send an email campaign.

Assisted Email Sending

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