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About Us

Our aim is to deliver a reliable and reusable service that will enable you to take advantage of business to business email marketing.

Because of some of the difficulties associated with trying to run an email marketing campaign, many small to medium sized businesses are put off from even trying it.

The potential of getting lots of new customers that a well run email campaign could bring is massive, but in most cases is never even attempted. Our simple goal is to break down the obstacles that may block people from trying this productive way of marketing.

We have attempted to compile a range of products that will allow you to retain the independence and flexibility of email marketing, whilst combining the protection and insulation from issues that you need when sending large volumes of emails.

About Emailing Servers

Either by using our services for a managed email campaign or for renting an email server of your own and taking it into your own hands by managing your own email marketing campaign, you will be insulated from any problems or issues as you will be benefiting from our experience and knowledge.

With our guidance and experience you will reach your target customers and generate new business and in turn new profit for your company, business to business email marketing really is the best and most cost effective way of reaching your target audience. The results can be massive for only a very small outlay which makes it perfect for small to medium sized companies.

When dealing with a prolonged and steady recession new forms of marketing become even more important than ever before and with such a small outlay required business to business email marketing should be within everybody's budget.

So why not contact us to find out more about Business to Business Email Marketing and how you can best use it.



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