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Finding good email marketing software can make the difference between a poor email campaign and a campaign that can generate hundreds of enquiries for your business.

We have researched this area massively and know which are the best software's avaiable on the market. The best email marketing softwares are;

The Business Email Extractor - for gathering accurate and current email databases directly from the internet the business email extractor can get up to 50,000 emails per hour.

The Business Email Sender - used for mass emailing campaigns when you have large numbers of emails to be sent, our emailing servers can be suppl;ied with a copy of this software already installed for you.

You will also need to manage and filter your email lists, for this purpose we always give away a free email list manager software which you can use to remove unsubscribed emails also.

There are a number of free email list managers some have different qualities, Our list manager is good for close filtering and removing of bad emails, whereas the Npust List Manager is extremely good at heavy duty work, handling millions of email addresses at the same time it can really help you organise your data when you have built up your databases to large numbers.

Email Extractor Software
Email Sending Software
Email Extractor Software
Email sending Software

You can download the Business email Extractor from this website and use it free of charge as a test of its strengths.

By using its unique merging of search criteria you can create an overall search that really scrapes the web for all of the relevant emails you are looking for.

You can literally search for any industry or location or a combination of both, anything that can be found within a website. Regardless of your target market the extractor should be able to find it for you.


We have developed our own email sending software in conjunction with an operational partner.It is extremely effective at sending large volumes of emails approximately 100,000 per hour in turbo mode.

Or alternatively you can select to send your emails with basic reporting enabled and see how many emails were sent successfully

Whichever sending method you prefer you can either purchase our email sending software or rent an email sending server with it pre installed for you.

Email extrractor
Email Sending Software

There are obviously many other softwares on the market that can do a perfectly good job for you, if you have any special requirements such as email tracking or acquiring a more specific email database, or email address verification, we can help oint you in the right direct.

If you have any questions about any specific email softwares the chances are that we will have tried and used them, if you require any huidance on thsi at all please feel free to contact us.


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