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Email Sending Software

There are many email sending softwares on the market that will all do an adequate job, we like to use and recommend the Business Email Sender as it is a very good piece of email marketing software it quickly and efficiently send large volumes of email (up to 100,000 per hour on turbo mode). or you can send with reporting and see which emails have been successfully delivered in reporting mode, priced at £95 to buy it is also available on a monthly rental basis when installed on one of our bullet proof email servers.

The Business Email Sender

The Business Email Sender can send upwards of 100,000 emails per hour from one of our emailing servers.

You can either purchase a licencse for the business email sender or rent an installed copy on your email server.

  • Choice of sending modes!
  • Inbuilt SMTP server
  • Send with Reporting
  • Import web pages
  • Send HTML ot Text based emails
  • Embed images or send from online location
  • Cost effective marketing
  • Only £95 to purchase


Email sending Software
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Sending Your Own Emails

Sending large volumes of emails is not an easy process, the business email sender has been designed to help you make the whole process simpler. Using it's own built in SMTP server means you can send emails without using your service providers smtp server (which they would not allow)

The email sending software allows you to set your email headers and send the email emails to anything up to 100,000 emails per list, which on one of our servers would take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

The numbers of emails you can send is unlimited and on turbo mode setting you will be able to do it quickly. Sending with reporting tells you how many emails reached the recipient and if you add email tracking code into your HTML email you will be able to see exactly how many emails have been openedand what they did next..

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