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Email Sending

Email Sending

Once you have your email database using the software's supplied or by purchasing or supplying your own and your HTML email has been designed then your emails are ready to sent.

Your email images will need to be hosted on bullet proof servers and your emails will also be sent from special secure emailing servers that always stay online, regardless of comlaints (which should always be avoided) meaning that your email will still be viewable days and weeks after the sending has been completed. It is important as the response time can be quite variable from campaign to campaign, depending on the product and the offer in question. The average shows that the email responses can continue up to 2-6 weeks after the initial send has been finished.

The idea with sending vloume emails is that we try to minimise any diecomfort to you the sender or the recipient that is why following the tried and trested methods is always best.

You can take on as much responsibility as you like with the emailing, if you feel capable you can do the whole thing yourself, howvever most customers require some help, especially in the early stages. The first few campaigns are always the hardest as the whole process is new, that is why we offer all levels of support from merely renting servers and selling software, thereby having no involvement in the project at all, to assistuing you in sending the emails and helping you to do it yourself, right the way through to totally managing the campaign and operating the email server for you on your behalf.

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By using a remote email server you are not using your local ISP to send your emails, as most object to this quite strenuously and have been known to suspend their customers internet connection for sending large numbers of email through their servers.

Our Email Servers can be rented with multiple IP addresses if required and can send upwards of 100,000 emails per hour. They can also be rented with or without email sending software pre-installed.

We have developed our own email sending software in conjunction with an operational partner.It is extremely effective at sending large volumes of emails approximately 100,000 per hour in turbo mode.

Or alternatively you can select to send your emails with basic reporting enabled and see how many emails were sent successfully

Whichever sending method you prefer you can either purchase our email sending software or rent an email sending server with it pre installed for you.

We offer the assisted email sending at differing levels of support. Some of our customers prefer and are able to do all of the work themseleves and manage their own email servers.

However most of our customers require some level of support when sending out the emails especially in the early stages

The more times you do an email campaign the more you are able to take on and managae yourselves and the more emails actually get sent.

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