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Having lived through a number of other economic downturns, e-mail offers a real bright spot on the horizon this time around. Here's why I'm thankful for e-mail:

  • Once your e-mail system is in place, the cost of broadcasting your messages is minimal. We remember during past recessions, our clients would basically shut down all their direct marketing campaigns due to the high printing and mailing expenses. With e-mail's extremely low costs, you can continue to market to your online customers without skipping a beat.

  • You can continue to test offers on the cheap. You've got a whole new economic reality on your hands -- and you need to know how your customers will respond to it. With e-mail you can quickly test new offers and get an accurate read on your market in 24 hours or less.
  • Your design costs are minimal. We can create a template and run with it for quite a while without any major design changes.

  • You can build your list organically -- rather than buying outside lists. And, indeed you should because outside lists get lower response rates. If you would like to test the email gathering software click here

  • You can stay in touch with your clients and maintain your credibility. With name-brand companies crashing and burning around us, customers want to know who's still standing. Email marketing can get out the message that you're here and ready to do business.

  • You can defend your e-mail marketing efforts to upper management much more easily than other media. The Direct Marketing Association revealed that e-mail's ROI was £45.06 for every £1 spent, as opposed to a non-e-mail Internet marketing ROI of £19.94. E-mail provided more than double the effectiveness of other online marketing methods.

  • You can conduct competitive research just by looking in your inbox. Sign up for your competitor's e-mail blasts and you always have your finger on the pulse of the market. If they come out with at £10 off offer in the morning, you can beat it with a £12 discount in the afternoon.
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