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managed email campaigns

We stand ready to create, design and send your email marketing campaign for you. Included in any managed email marketing campaign are all the main aspects that are required to carry out the campaign from start to finish, which are;

Managed Email Campaigns


  • Gathering the Target Email database for you, you tell us who or what you want to target your emails at and we find it for you.

  • Designing an HTML Email for you thats gets your message accross with the right image, using a combination of impact and message we can get higher response rates than most.

  • Sending your emails from our servers for you, insome cases we have sent only 2500 emails in total for a client. However, for some of our clients we send upwards of 100,000 emails per hour if their target market requires it, all of this is agreed well in advance and priced accordingly.

  • Tracking opening and click through rates allows us to improve campaigns and monitor progress.

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Usually after a brief chat with us we will be able to asses your needs and try to tailor a package that will suit you best, prices can start from as little as £295 for an all inclusive campaign.

Managed email campaigns allow you to concentrate on your business while we take care of the campaign for you, thereby freeing you up to deal with the responses or enquiries generated.

It is critical to know exactly what your goal is with the campaign, is it simply to raise awareness of your product and brand, or does it actually need to generate a response and an enquiry which can be responded to. The ultimate goal is usually to sell a product or service but that is normally not the purpose of an email the actual purpose is usually to generate the contact which will allow you to engage with your potential client.

The various steps explained in more detail....

Email extractor Software

STEP 1 - Acquiring Your Target Email Database

The first step in email marketing is to get your target email database containing the email addresses of your ideal target recipient, you can do this in two main ways;

  1. Buying an Email Database
  2. Gathering your own Email Database using specialist software

The price of the managed campaign will largely depend on the source source and the size of the email databases.

Email Design and Hosting

STEP 2 Designing and Hosting your HTML Email

Your email design will be responsible for the campaign being a success or not. If you have a professional email which has impact and connects with your target audience then you are far more likely to get responses,

it is always extremely important to make sure you have the very best email you can have to get the best results.

Sending Emails

STEP 3 Sending Your Emails

Your email files will be hosted on our email marketing servers and your emails will be sent from specialist emailing servers that are permanently online.

Your email will still be viewable days and weeks after the sending has been completed, hopefully allowing the responses to continue to come after the campaign is complete.

We will identify your potential clents and create a campaign that will generate the desired result, all you need to so start the ball rolling, there is no committment implied by making an enquiry, so if you would like to find out what is possible and how much it would cost, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Simply contact us to start the ball rolling telling us what you want to sell or promote and who you would like to target and we will be able to gain an idea of what is possible and give you an idea of the cost and what is possible.


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