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Pro Emailing Server


The servers are accessible through remote desktop 24 hours a day and are available with Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2008 or Linux operating systems.

Pro Email Servers

Windows 2010

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Software Included

Email Extractor Software
The Business Email Extractor is installed and ready to use allowing you to build email databases at will. You can harvest your target email addresses quickly and efficiently and save them into specific lists allowing you to target your campaign and email content to specific industry sectors.

Email List Manager Software
There are many "free" email list managers however some are better than others, we will install a couple of options that are suitable for different tasks such as; removal of duplicates between lists, removal of specific words or domains and removal of unsubscribed email addresses from your lists.

Email Verifier Software
We will install a couple of Email Address verifiers for you to remove emails from lists thatare not real or viable, differentsoftwares do this in different ways and some are quicker than other, so you have the freedon to choose which one to use and suits your purposes better.

Email Sending Software
There are many email sending software's available on the market, we will install a couple to choose from

Technical Specs

Email marketing servers provide you with the flexibility and control you expect from dedicated servers at price point of shared hosting.

Full Root Access.
Full Root/Administrator Access over the entire OS
Hyper-V Powered.
Hypervisor-based technology Virtualization
Remote Desktop Connection.
Every windows vps comes with Remote Desktop
Dedicated IP.
Dedicated IP address with every VPS
Free Reboot/Reinstall.
Every VPS comes with free reboot and reinstall
Choice of OS.
Choice of Windows 2008 / Windows Server 2003

Learn Email Marketing

Also included in the special offer is a guide for you to Learn email marketing. A simple step by step tutorial for you to see how to get your first email campaign up and running.

We takte the guesswork out of using our email servers and the software required to carry out your first email marketing campaign. Simple follow our guide (supplied to you upon purchase) and you will be able to set up and manage your own email marketing campaign and start enjoying the reqrds friom a well run campaign.

Please feel free to ask us about learning email marketing.

If you have any questions about renting an email server please feel free to drop us a line by email and we will be happy to get in touch with you directly wither by phone or email to explain things in more detail.

You can rent an email server from us on a monthly basis, additional IP's are available but generally should not be required. The email servers can also be used to host email image files or while web sites or email response forms with the IIS installed and set up hosting is made easy...



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