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Sending your Email

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Once you have completed your email database using the software's supplied and your HTML email has been designed then we are ready to schedule your emails to be sent.

Your email will be hosted on bullet proof servers and your emails will also be sent from special secure servers that always stay online meaning that your email will still be viewable days and weeks after the sending has been completed. The process is that once the send has been completed, which normally takes a morning or an afternoon the responses will arrive in an initial wave to be followed with responses or the next few days and weeks.

This can be different from campaign to campaign depending on the product and the offer in question, but the average shows that the email responses can continue up to 2 weeks after the initial send has been finished.

As stated we do the send on your behalf, this means you wont get into trouble with your service provider for using their servers to send the emails, also as a third party is sending the emails on your behalf this provides you with further insulation which means that you are able to go that bit further with the message in your email than you may normally.

We receive the responses on your behalf and send them to you via email for you to contact, its that simple.

All emails must meet our standards and be approved by us before sending but once signed off the emails can be sent over and over again. Making slight changes to your email design can often be done at no extra charge however if the work is more than simply changing some text then charges may be incurred.



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